30-40% less cholesterol
than sheep and cow cheeses

High levels of Omega 6 fatty acids,
very important in the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Pasteurized cheeses,
so they can be consumed by pregnant women

Source of calcium and vitamin D,
which contribute to the formation of bones and prevent osteoporosis

Greater assimilation and speed of digestion;
goat milk protein is a much more digestible than other milk proteins

Low in lactose,
therefore better tolerance for lactose intolerant people

Better absorption of iron
than other varieties of cheese, which help us to prevent iron-deficiency anemia


Last News

Oct 2017

Triplet for Lácteas Cobreros in the "Global Cheese Awards"

Lácteas Cobreros cheeses have been recognized again for their quality in the "Global Cheese Awards"
Aug 2017

Silver for Lácteas Cobreros for the best Spanish cheese in the "Cheese Awards"

Lacteas cobreros Fresh Goat Cheese roll (non ripened) has obtained the silver prize.

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